Our Brands

We bottle the world's favorite soft drinks. They're the brands you love, and we know your preferences and loyalty are strong. Whether you're into our sodas, bottled water, juice or vitamin drinks, we make sure your thirst is always quenched.


Sparkling Beverages

Soda. Pop. Soft drinks. Anyway you say it, sparkling beverages are non-alcoholic, carbonated drinks containing flavorings, sweeteners and other ingredients. No matter what your taste, sparkling beverages come in many forms, including regular, low-calorie, no-calorie, caffeinated and caffeine-free drinks.

Water & Enhanced Water

All living things need water to survive. This remarkable compound makes up approximately 60% of the human body and is a nutrient that is critical to all bodily functions. While this universal ingredient is the foundation of all beverages and a fundamental component of numerous foods, there are many varieties when it comes to the water we drink.


Energy Drinks

More and more, people are using energy drinks as a quick pick-me-up during the day. These beverages, which are intended to energize the consumer and are known to aid alertness, usually contain caffeine or taurine in addition to herbal ingredients.

Sports Drinks

From professional athletes, to exercise enthusiasts and everyone in between, many active individuals use sports drinks as a source of carbohydrate fuel and as a way to replace fluids and electrolytes lost through sweat during sustained vigorous physical activity.

Healthy Choices

We believe that all foods and beverages can be part of a healthy lifestyle when enjoyed in moderation and accompanied by physical activity. For tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, click here.

We offer all of our brands in low-calorie options made with low-calorie sweeteners. Get the real information about low-cal sweeteners here.

Drinking enough fluids is the most important thing, whether you choose low-cal or regular soft drinks. Here are some hydration guidelines and information about the crucial role fluids play in our bodies.

CCBCC regularly partners with community organizations and retailers to promote programs, such as Keeping Kids in Motion and Youth Soccer, that encourage active lifestyles and healthy food choices.